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For institutional investors and financial service providers seeking to access the unbounded potential of crypto markets.

Investment Intermediary Professional Investor Institutional Investor Asset Manager

Cryptocurrencies are no longer limited to niche investor profiles. We provide the tools to help you access in these markets; unconstrained.

Investment Intermediaries

Investing through financial advisors has always been rooted in trust and reliability in the fiduciary model. We democratize access to the wealth creation opportunities in digital assets, but we believe confidence in investments decisions comes from the guidance and structured frameworks provided by the advisor function.

We develop structured digital asset solutions for investment intermediaries such as:

⟶ Investment Advisors

⟶ Private Wealth Managers

⟶ Private Bankers

⟶ High New Worth Individuals

⟶ Family Offices

Professional Investors

Qualified or accredited investors are not immune or averse to the risks that accompany crypto investing. For professional investors seeking initial entry to digital asset markets, we provide tailored solutions which can be calibrated to risk appetite.

Structured products allow definable exposure to a range of crypto markets which appeal to sophisticated investors.

Institutional Investors

Institutions that want to invest in new asset classes, such as cryptocurrencies, face plenty of barriers, including their size, risk parameters set by their boards, performance history, and the potential stigma of being wrong.

We provide a pathway to make investments in digital assets with embedded features that mitigate against risk and create balance sheet familiarity

⟶ Pension Funds

⟶ Insurance Companies

⟶ Endowments Funds

⟶ Hedge Funds

⟶ Mutual Funds

⟶ Independent Asset Managers

⟶ Private Fund Structures

Asset Managers

For multi-strategy funds and active investment managers with a cross asset focus. We provide a means to access new streams of potential alpha and opportunities to intelligently deploy capital & manage risk.