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Guiding investor transition to digital assets, with the familiarity of traditional investing.

Structured investments, engineered block by block.
Start building bespoke crypto solutions.

Structured Solutions How It Works Development Lab Digital Asset Custody

Calibrating Risk.

Investing into a new asset class brings new types of risk to manage. We structure investable solutions that make it possible to allocate to digital assets with risk calibrated to your appetite.

We provide a single point of service for price discovery and distribution of institutional-grade cryptocurrency structured products.

Founded by experienced derivative structurers and traders, BitSherpa is your guide to navigating the TradeFi and DeFi investment universe.

For institutional investors and financial service providers seeking to access the growth potential of digital asset markets

Bridge the familiarity gap by taking a measured approach to allocating capital into digital currencies.

Customise your exposure to different cryptocurrencies with indices and diversification tools.

Structured Solutions

Structured products are investment securities tailored to client needs with performance linked to underlying assets. By balancing return profiles with risk tolerance, investors are able to create exposures to asset classes with defined outcomes.

In the digital asset domain structured products can be built to generate performance linked to a range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Solana, etc.

Our key differentiator is the ability to offer structured digital asset solutions underwritten by one of the issuers on our financial institution counterparty panel.

⟶  The market for traditional structured products is USD 7 trillion.

⟶  The TradeFi structured product market is estimated to have a Total Accessible Market for crypto structured products of USD 132 Billion.

Design Features & Performance Levers

⟶  Capital Protection Mechanisms
⟶  Arbitrage opportunities
⟶  Levered & Unlevered Directional Strategies
⟶  Fixed Returns & Yield Enhancement
⟶  Cash settled performance
⟶  Exchange Listed
⟶  Products issued by prominent financial institution
⟶  Fully documented

How it works.

The investment development lifecycle is straight forward and familiar.

Collating client requirements.
Designing the investment structure
Regulatory and compliance checks
Issuance of product security.
Product maturity, maintenance &


We focus on leveraging the trust our clients built over time with established partners.

Custody of digital assets can represent a major hurdle for clients wishing to participate in cryptocurrency markets.

Regulatory reasons, balance sheet constraints, and custodial confidence are all reasons our clients turn to structured product solutions.

Our solutions are designed to be traded, settled and cleared through the traditional prime brokers or custodians which clients have a history of transacting with.

Development Lab

The digitalization of finance is rapidly disrupting financial intermediation as it moves into the mainstream.

We put our client’s hands on the levers of investment design.

We are a known commodity in the structured products market. Step into our product development lab to create solutions that express your views on digital assets and build them within around your investment framework & constraints.

Start building solutions based on

⟶  Capital protection requirements
⟶  Performance tracking certificates
⟶  Customised multi-coin indices
⟶  White-labelling capabilities
⟶  Yield vs Growth Strategies
⟶  Short vs Long Term Investment Horizons